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A company that furnishes labor, with or without material, tools and equipment, which is hired by a contractor to perform a specific task as a portion of the overall project 

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Manufacturing/Equipment/Material Supplier
Companies that are a manufacturer of a completed product or part of a manufacturing process, a distributor/supplier of equipment/parts or a supplier of raw materials (steel, lumber, concrete, etc.)

Misc. Services
Businesses that provide services like transportation, packaging, consulting, facility maintenance, rental equipment (equipment only, no labor) and any other services that don't fit in the other categories

These vendors will not perform any on-site trade labor as part of the overall construction or tooling project. If you do, you must refer to Subcontractor.

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A firm with registered professional(s) capable of designing and sealing design documents for a discipline(s) and are generally the designer of record for said discipline(s), but do not provide onsite construction labor. This does not include firms whose function is to generate shop or detail fabrication drawings for subcontractors.

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